THE PERCEPTiVE i performance investigates the awakening of consciousness. It immerses its participants into the secret stages of perception. The two dancers are slowly discovering the world and themselves using the tactile perception of the installation.

It is not the eye that does the perception, the eye is only sensitive to the visual stimulus, it is the I that analyses and integrates the meaning. By using custom-written perceptive algorithms, the installation brings to surface the hidden layers that humans experience every single moment of their wakeful life.

These moments prove that humans are able to value art, its movements or techniques because the mind has already experienced it.



Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu (1979) is a Romanian visual artist based in Amsterdam. Ruxandra immerses her spectators into all facets of interactivity. Her elected themes investigate perception mechanisms, digital dimensions and technologies, media and broadcasting issues, surveillance society and society paradigm shifts generated from new technologies. Recent works unveil the theme of surveillance where the artist focuses on the paraphernalia of surveillance, peerveillance and sousveillance and the fine social and psychological changes they bring [Surveillance Society 2014 – Toronto CA // 2011 – Pennsylvania, USA // 2011 – Haifa, Israel // 2010 – New Hampshire, USA]. Perception is her second red thread of her art endevour [THE PERCEPTiVE i 2012, 2011, 2002 // Listen to the music 2005, 2003 // Postmodern Archaeology 2004] where the artist explores the facets of brain visual deconstruction and its consequences for art.




Corneliu Ganea (1980) is a Romanian choreographer based in Amsterdam. He studied classical ballet and modern dance at Liceul de Coregrafie Floria Capsali Bucharest, SBBS Zurich and The Performance Year Zurich. As a dancer he had the opportunity to work worked with internationals choreographers such as Krisztina de Chatel, Club Guy & Roni, Itzik Galili, Philip Taylor, Michael Schumacher, Beppie Blankert and many more. He developed a strong attraction for choreography, when he created his first duet in 1999 and was nominated in 2014 for the Dioraphte Award. His choreographies received nomerous prizes at international competitions in Spain, Germany and Japan. Since 2013 he began pursuing his choreographic interests, along side teaching and performing. As an entrepreneur, Corneliu is the co-founder of Random Collision Groningen and Area 59 Amsterdam. In 2013 he began building an online video library of contemporary dance performance called




Kim Doeleman (1993), born in The Netherlands, is a contemporary dancer currently based in Amsterdam. In 2014 she graduated with a Bachelor Uitvoerend Danser/Maker from ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She had the opportunity to work with choreographers such as Amos Ben-Tal, Ann van den Broek, Jack Timmermans, Václav Kunes and more. In her practice as a performer she enriches her movement vocabulary and consistently builds her own foundation by experiencing and gaining a variety of movement styles and performing techniques. As an artist her interests lays in the many facets of creating. Alongside her education as a dancer, Kim developed her skills for production, photography and teaching.



Andrei Bocin-Dumitriu (1977, Romania) is a scientific researcher presently living and working in The Netherlands. He has a doctoral degree in Geosciences from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As a scientist he uses novel technologies and methods to decipher the underground puzzles and published his research in international journals. Presently, he works in science based policy in the area of Energy and Climate Change. His interest in culture and art comes from his continuous search for meaning and logic where human mind meets the various media be it environmental or digital. He writes shorts stories and combines creative ideas with technological background to provide solutions for performing arts projects. Andrei implemented the hardware solution for THE PERCEPTiVE i and in a nutshell he is there where science meets arts.


“I puncture the fabric of the world to find what soothes it, what tears it even more. Is there anything abiding? I turn inside and walk through this immense breath of existence, this inner world of silence, of emotions, intuitions, the golden richness of the unconscious, of me and you.”

Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu immerses her spectators into the calm and soothing depths of the inner world. In her intervention on photography body of work, serene landscapes are the place of encounter between the inner and the outer world. Reality is a first layer, and with it, emotions, memories, ideas and intuition come to life inside, completing and transcending the moment.

The two worlds flow seemless into each other, at times they break apart and are mended together again, referencing the ancient chinese technique “kintsugi”: the gold line of a portrait gently kissing the two worlds into one.

Born in Bucharest [RO], Ruxandra is currently living and working in Amsterdam [NL].

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